Tried of all the hype about startups and entrepreneurship? Frustrated with another story about unicorns that fart glitter?

Gonna hang yourself the next time you hear about success tips that seemed to worked for your colleagues, your grandma, that shitty dick-of-a-friend, the aunties you met at the family reunion dinner and everyone else, except you?

Sick of lame advice from entrepreneurs who had never build a single thing in their life but goes around parading his junk and self-proclaimed best-selling book?

Feel like puking if you ever see another highly-glamourised, ultra-fluffed-up startup award that the winner only won because he/she is the only person thick-faced enough to nominate him/herself?

Ok, I think you get where I’m getting at. 🙂

Well, we’re tired too, that’s why we decided to grab the hype by the balls and turn things around!

Enter Fuckupnights! This is the event that put real entrepreneurs on the grill after we’ve painstakingly peel of any layers of glitter-sprinkled drama-mama and drill down to the bone and nerve where it stings!

Raw emotions? Checked!

Never-been-told-behind-the-scene stories? Checked!

Accidents that even their mom don’t know about? Checked!

Sounds like an epic event you’d like to be invited to? #highfive #uphigh. Just leave your name and email below and the moment a FuckupNights KL event is happening, you’ll be the first to know.